Udstiller 13. okt – 18. nov. 2018

i Kældergalleriet,

Torup ved Hundested.

Lørdag d. 13. oktober kl. 11 – 13

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My oil paintings are abstract with a hint of figurative art in the colors strong ensemble. I am experimenting, searching in different material to the final result appears. It is important for me that there is light ahead.


Glass Art

I work with glass sculptural. The fragile in the glass I add a coarseness with scrap metal or other materials as a counterweight to the glass delicate fragility, I knit with iron and burn it in the glass.



My upbringing has given me a versatile inspiration to work with life's harsh and gentle tones of paintings and skulptuere. I do not use strong glaze colors, but prefer earth tones and the raw material, to underscore the sculpture's motion and strength. I insert like iron, glass and other materials together, and at times it is burned.



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